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Lazy, Loyal, Talented, Passionate

Lazy, Loyal, Talented, Passionate


ohhhh :)

ohhhh :)

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Sometimes I ask myself, ” Will God hate for ignoring this kind of posts? “

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The giveaway is not limited to the pictures above. It can be anything (including assorted merchandise like Infinite Second Invasion stuff, photobooks, OSTs etc etc ) just as long as it’s $45 or under ^^ This also includes PRE-ORDER ITEMS (Exo-M, Exo-K or even both!!!)

First of all, thank you for all the compliments, follows and reblogs and everything else. Now that I’ve hit 100 followers, I’m going to try and do my first giveaway just to show my thanks :D

Let’s try and get this to 300+ notes so that it’s a fair game for everyone. :) 

1. No need to follow!
2. No limits to reblogging, but if you are using a PERSONAL BLOG, recommended to reblog up to 5-6 times each day only to avoid spamming your followers.
3. If you are using a giveaway blog, please state your real blog on your giveaway blog, or MESSAGE ME.
4. You mustKEEP YOUR ASK BOX OPEN - this applies to both giveaway blogs and personal blogs.

One winner (generated by a random number) gets to choose two K-pop albums or anything under $45 (photobooks, concert DVD, you name it so as long as it’s K-pop related ^^;) I ship internationally! * (this may change, updates will be posted below)

CHANGE: Instead of one winner, there will now be THREE WINNERS. Second winner gets to pick TWO albums with poster only (NO MERCHANDISE), and third winner gets to pick ONE album (NO MERCHANDISE, NO POSTER)

: Instead of three winners, only two winners will be picked. The first winner is as stated - gets to pick two albums OR $45-50 (& under) worth of merchandise. The second winner gets to pick one album (no merchandise or poster).

If you choose an album that has different versions (eg. Big Bang- Alive), you get to pick two versions that you like :)

GIVEAWAY ENDS: May 15, 2012, SYDNEY TIME. Happy reblogging and thank you again!

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